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Physicians, finding your next job should not be this hard!
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Looking for physician jobs in...
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Pain Relief for your Job Search
How we locate physician jobs without physician recruiters.
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  Who is The Doctor Job?  

The Doctor Job is a career marketing service that works directly with physicians looking for jobs. Founded by doctors, The Doctor Job focuses on helping you find unadvertised physician jobs in competitive markets. We provide physicians an alternative to using a recruiter to find a job.

  Can The Doctor Job find physician jobs for you?  

The Doctor Job helps physicians, residents, and fellows who need an alternative to physician recruiters, including:

  • People looking for physician jobs in large metropolitan areas.  Whether it’s New York City or Los Angeles, Chicago or Houston, The Doctor Job can guarantee we will find physician jobs in the EXACT geographic location of your choice – in the exact same areas recruiters call “saturated”.
  • Foreign medical graduates, even those looking for a J-1 waiver job or H-1B sponsorship job.  We work with visa holders every day, and we’re committed to making sure these doctors have access to great physician jobs too!
  • Physicians looking for outpatient only work.  Very few outpatient groups will ever use a recruiter to fill their physician jobs.
  • People looking for the highest paying physician jobs in the market.  Our clients routinely earn $15,000-$25,000 more in salary per year, and receive better benefit packages.
  • Physicians with past licensing issues who are now in good standing.
  • Physicians looking for part time permanent positions.
  • Experienced physicians reaching the end of their medical career who still want to practice medicine in a relaxed environment.
  • Any physician looking for the BEST job, not just the first thing that comes along.

There are thousands of unadvertised physician jobs available, and only The Doctor Job can help you find them.

There are thousands of available jobs for these physicians, and only The Doctor Job can help you find them.

  Why do you need an alternative to physician recruiters?  
  • Physician recruiters work for hospitals and groups, not doctors.
  • Groups with good physician jobs in popular markets don’t hire physician recruiters.
  • The best physician jobs are found by word-of-mouth, networking and referrals.
  • Recruiters don’t have access to jobs in major cities like New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco or DC.
  • It's in your best interest to find all of the available physician jobs in the market.

90% of physician jobs are unadvertised, unavailable through recruiters, and waiting to be filled.

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What do our clients say?

" The Doctor Job helped me find a job in a market where I had been searching for six months without luck. I got interviews from so many major hospitals for positions that weren't even advertised! Thank you so much for your services - I never could have imagined that I'd be fighting off offers left and right! You guys did a great job!
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